Monday, May 28, 2012

Free Flower Tutorial

As promised, I made another flower today and took some step-by-step photos. And since I honestly have no idea how to link this post to a pdf file, I am just going to add some photos and walk you through one :) Feel free to copy this post to a word document so you will have it for future use.

Step 1: Choose your cardstock and punch two images using the Blossom Punch. I chose Primrose Petals which in one of the gorgeous new In Colors for 2012-2014. You will be able to purchase these beginning June 1st. You will love them all, trust me!

Step 2: Using Paper Snips, or any pair of sharp scissors, cut a slit between two petals into the center of one of the blossoms. From the other, cut two of the petals completely off by snipping in towards the center of the flower:

Step 3: Use your bone folder to "curl" the cardstock the same way you would curl that narrow ribbon for gift packages. This will separate the fibers of the cardstock and make it soft and pliable:

Step 4: Add some Tombo All-Purpose Glue to one of the petals next to slit in the large blossom and overlap the petal next to it. Cut between each of the other petals in towards the center of the flower just to separate them a bit more so they will shape easier. Then add glue to the smaller flower and overlap the petals to form a 3-petal insert. Use your bone folder to shape an indention in the center of each flower:

Step 5: Using your bone folder, "curl" the petals toward the back of the flower on both pieces:

Step 6: Put a dab of Tombo glue in the center of the large flower and add the smaller flower to the center. Let it set to dry - about 5 to 10 minutes:

Step 7: Cut a small piece of Whisper White (I cut mine 1/2" x 3/4" but actually ended up cutting it down to 1/2" xd 5/8") and cut lots of narrow slits to make it look like grass: 

Step 8: Curl this piece around and "mash" the strips out and about. Glue it to the center of the flower and.......voila!!! :

I hope you like the flower. Feel free to copy and share with your friends :) It really is so easy and fun to make! And the possibilities for using it are endless! I actually have a small gazebo-style wooden birdhouse type thing that I am going to play around with and I will let you know how that turns out....

Well, I am off to work on my swap cards and planning for Convention. I can't wait to go and share everything I learn with you :) I know there is lots to come that you will thoroughly enjoy!!! The new catalog goes live on Friday, June 1st and it is AWESOME!!!! Lots of cool new stuff to play with....I love this time of year :)

So, enjoy the weather and keep smiling. 'Til next time.......................

Happy Stamping,


Remember to get your mammogram!!


  1. Great tutorial Laurie. Seems pretty straight forward. Those flowers sure look pretty on your scrapbook page. TFS.

  2. This is most terrific!!! Thank you for sharing

  3. Laurie, these are beautiful. I love making flowers to have around the house. They always stay fresh without me having to remember to do something with them. Thanks.

  4. Lovely flowers and great tutorials! Thanks for taking the time to share :-). Kathy