Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On the road again.......

Hi everyone!! Just wanted to update you - I am leaving Michigan tomorrow morning and heading back to sunny California. The heat will be a welcomed addition to my!! It has just been tooo cold here lately!!

I will not be posting for the next few days while I travel - yes, I am driving :) It is a long trip but I need to have my vehicle when I get there. Such is life......pray for me as gas prices have been soaring lately :(

Can't wait to get back to "my kids" and stamping. I have been packing and sorting for what seems like an eternity!!! I need a break!

I hope you will come back next week and see some fun stuff that I am anxious to share with you :) I have been invited to join a new design team as well as guest designing on a challenge blog and I am so excited!!! I will post some details hopefully on Sunday (Monday at the latest).

If I can get some cool pics on the trip, I will try to post them when I stop to sleep at night. 'Til next time................................,

Happy Stamping,


Remember to get your mammogram!

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  1. Beautiful card, Laurie. Thank you for being a guest designer on Try Stampin'.