Thursday, September 30, 2010

Greeting Card Kids for UStamp

You may remember awhile back that I told you I was invited to be a Guest Desiger for the UStamp Early Fall Edition. Well, the live event has passed and now I can share the projects I created for it. We had to choose one stamp set (two if your first choice did not contain sentiments) and a unique color combination. No two designers could use the same stamp set or color combinations. I chose Greeting Card Kids. I just love them! I designed four cards and this is how they turned out:

I love how this set represents four holidays/events in one stamp set. In order of their appearance during the year, the first represents "back to school":

Followed closely by Halloween:

Then by my favorite holiday, which is Christmas:

And finally, by Valentine's Day:

According to the rules of the event, I cannot give you directions for making these projects. However, I can direct you to the UStamp website so you can purchase the Early Fall 2010 event. In that event, you will receive 40 sets of 4 cards. No stamp sets were duplicated and you receive 40 different color combinations. The projects in the event are amazing!!!! I encourage you to go here and purchase yours today.

While you are there, you might want to consider purchasing the current event of Cards with Cool Moves. All of the projects include one regular card and one card with movement and coordinating envelopes. And again, no duplicates!!! There have been some awesome projects posted already and I will have one in that session as well. And I have been invited back again for the Holiday Edition soon to follow. I was so excited!!!!

The UStamp events offer wonderful projects at a very affordable price. Considering joining us today. You will NOT be disappointed :) Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me today. 'Til next time...........

Happy Stamping,


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  1. Very Simple card but very beautiful.

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