Monday, May 17, 2010

The Benefits of Stamping

Last month, I told you I had made a new friend in Australia through the UStamp group that I joined. She made me some amazing gifts for our swap. I was totally excited about the little candy bars she sent to me and posted about them here. Well, one of the benefits of being a stamper and joining these groups is definitely the friends that you make. I have never met Linda in person, but it is fun to e-mail back and forth and to share things with each other. But, that particular session of UStamp has ended, so imagine my surprise when I pulled a package from her out of my mailbox today! And just look what was inside:

She read my posting and found out I love the vintage style. She had never done it before, but took the time to try it on this beautiful card!! And the pouch is awesome! And when I opened that pouch I literally squealed with excitement!!!!LOL!!! It held this awesome candy bar!!!!!

I had posted about how I LOVED these when she sent me some small ones so she sent me a big one - just for me!! :) I LOVE HER !!!! I have looked and looked for these and cannot find them. How awesome that she would do this for me! And, so I would not appear to be too stingey, she even sent a bag of the snack sized ones for me to share :)

ISN'T SHE AWESOME!!!! I thought this was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. She sent this all the way from Australia!!!

I love to stamp and making friends is the best kind of fringe benefit. I have a wonderful group of ladies who come to my home every month to make cards, a great group of demonstrators that I meet with occasionally for training and motivation, an amazing company to work for, and now a friend from across the globe. I have a stamp that says "The best business is that of making friends" and that is the truth!! I would not have any of these friends had I not gotten started stamping. So, it truly does bring more benefit than a little bit of profit every month - because friendships last forever! Thanks so much Linda - my ladies will enjoy their candy this Thursday :) 'Til next time......

Happy Stamping,


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