Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Shot Purse

Well, I finished my Big Shot project - it is the cutest purse!!! Everybody is making them and they are so easy!! You just have to have a Big Shot and the Stampin' Up Exclusive Scallop Square Die to make your own designer purse.

This is what the purse looks like up close:

I added an extra square on the side to hold my cell phone. It was super easy just to sew it right on top of the side:

When I made my squares, I used the same color on the back of all of them so the inside of the purse would be all one pattern. And the coolest thing about this purse is that it is reversible!! One side has many colors and a shabby chic look with the raggedy seams on the outside while the other shows no seams except around the top:

I was also able to add a pocket and this time I finished the top edge so it would match the rest of the enclosed seams:

After the purse was completed, I covered a piece of chipboard with fabric and laid it in the bottom for some extra stability. But, quite honestly, the purse stood well enough on its own. It was such a fun project and had I worked continuously, I could have easily finished in just a few hours.

My supplies were quite simple this time:

Accessories: Big Shot ( I know you really want one now), Scallop Square Die, Pretty in Pink Corduroy Buttons

You can easily complete this purse using 1 yard of fabric, a small amount of quilt batting, and a sewing machine. Although I cannot sell the instructions (because it is not my original creation) I can sell a kit or the completed purse. So, if you are interested in either, please contact me at for complete details.

Well, I must get on to this month's card class and stop playing around :) 'Til next time.....

Happy Stamping,


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